Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Costa Rica - Day 3 (Part 3) - March 18, 2013

After leaving our roadside stop at Cerro de la Muerte we were eager to find our lodge and settle into exploring a totally different habitat from the one we left behind on the Pacific coast. To get to Trogon Lodge, we had to continue along the Pan-American Highway and eventually turn onto a small dirt road that we missed the first time around. Once on the road we discovered it to be a very steep, narrow, winding path down into the Savegre river valley with a sharp drop-off on one side and no guiderails. The smell of burning brakes was inevitable and was made worse by the fact that there were few opportunities to pull over safely to allow the brakes to cool. The road was passable by sedan, but the ride was far from comfortable. The constant shaking, rattling and bumping for the 30min that it took to get to/from the main highway took a toll on our bodies and minds. Next time we are getting a 4x4 with better tires and clearance. We quickly learned from the locals that it was important to honk the horn as a warning before attempting a blind curve. Getting past another vehicle on that road was harrowing enough on a straightaway, let alone a curve!
Trogon Lodge from above

We finally reached our destination and check-in went smoothly. Our cabin (more like one side of a duplex) was small, just big enough to fit one single bed, one 3/4 bed, and one double bed, but the bathroom was very nice. As soon as we dropped our luggage in our room, we went to check out the gardens and the hummingbird feeders, but photos had to wait until the next day for better lighting. While waiting for dinner time to roll around we headed to the lounge area for some rousing games of pool.

Bird towel!
Nice bathroom, but no binoculars needed here. 

Turtle towel?
The awesome shower

Neat toilet paper folding!

Our cabin

First dinner at Trogon Lodge. Fish was trout from the ponds on the grounds. 

Hot water bottle found in bed!
After dinner we headed back to our cabin and discovered that the lodge staff had turned on the gas heater and placed hot water bottles in our beds to prepare for the cool nighttime temperatures. Each bed also had a  Hershey Kiss placed on the pillow. Out of all the chocolates they could have used, the lodge chose Hershey. Being from Pennsylvania were the Hershey plant is located, this was just mind blowing. That piece of chocolate traveled almost as far as I did, only to end up on my pillow!   Now....on to day 4!

Hershey Kiss !

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