Thursday, January 2, 2014

Costa Rica - Day 7 (Part 3) - March 22, 2013

For our second night at the Nature Pavilion we decided to take another night hike in hopes that we would see more snakes. Although we were not that lucky, we did see some pretty awesome critters! Only 3 of us went on this hike while the 4th person stayed behind to relax with a nice long shower.

One of the only moths we saw

I wonder what THIS caterpillar turns into??? It was HUGE! 

The perfect halloween spider

Some sort of insect

The Moon

Shedding insect 
A millipede of some sort. 

     When the 3 of us finally got back to the casa, we found our 4th person not looking very happy, huddled on her bed. Immediately we knew that something had gone wrong while we were away, so we asked her what had happened. She explained that she did indeed have a good shower, and it was while she was drying her hair that she noticed something fly behind her.
-"It was huge! It was like an elephant flew past me! I initially thought it was a bird or bat that had gotten in, but when I found this THING I ran out of the bathroom and locked it behind TWO doors!"-
So of course we started laughing pretty hard and I raced the guys to the bathroom to see what this "THING" was. It was a Tropical Cockroach! It was about 3/4 the size of my hand!
The initial attempts to catch it and remove it from the inside of the house were unsuccessful because not only was this thing BIG and could FLY, but it was also STRONG and was good at wiggling out of our grasp. We finally threw a towel over it, pounced on it, and released it back outside unharmed.

Tropical Cockroach in our bathroom. Must have snuck in when we were going in/out.

Stay tuned for Day 8 where we visit the Tirimbina Biological Reserve!

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