Sunday, November 27, 2016

Site Guide to San Antonio Birding is now LIVE!

In the whirlwind of this past year I haven't had an opportunity to post any new blogs about my birding adventures. This has mostly been due to the fact that I went through a major job change which has its challenges and perks. One of these perks was getting to move to the ecologically rich state of Texas! To my surprise, this state is very under-birded, which makes me wonder how many rarities slip by unnoticed. My first few weeks here were challenging birding-wise because I found it difficult to find places to bird in the south-central region that were not:
 a) overrun by joggers blasting music from their armbands, screaming kids, dogs off-leash, and everything else under the sun that was not conducive to birding, 
b) private property where you very well may get shot for trespassing...then asked questions.

I did look at eBird, which helped a bit, but eBird does not contain descriptions or more information for each hotspot, nor does it have any photos of the site. Local birding groups had site guides, but they were outdated, and many links were broken. They also did not have an interactive map of where each site was located making things even more difficult for someone new to the area. 

This led me to create my own site guide which I decided to make public in the hopes that more places will be birded more often. Each site has a photo, a description, and an interactive map. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress. More sites will be added as I get around to them. I will take suggestions to make this guide better, but there are some limitations as to what I can do with this format, so not every suggestion will be feasible. 


Birding Site Guide to San Antonio, TX

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