Friday, June 5, 2009

Photos of the Day - Tidal Falls visit

Today we had to take a trip out to Tidal Falls in Hancock County, ME to run an errand, so we took the time to spend a little time looking around. First I noticed these beautiful flowers that were covering some bushes that had been planted to make the place look "landscaped". I want to say they are roses of some sort, but the leaves don't really look right for a rose. If you know what they are, please post a comment!

"Powerfully Pink Petals"
Details: FL = 210mm; Exp. = 1/200; Ap. = f/5.6; Exp. Comp = 0; ISO = 560

I think the most exciting thing that happened is that my intern spotted a Seal fishing in the bay! It would only pop its head out of the water very briefly, so I only got one shot of it and although it isn't a very good shot, I decided to post it here anyway. This is the first Seal we have seen since we came to Maine on May 15th! Hopefully we will see more another day.


Ratty said...

The yellow in the middle tells me it's probably not a rose, but it looks nicer to me. The seal picture is even better than it would be otherwise, because only its face is sticking out. I like shots like that.

holdingmoments said...

Your flower looks very much like our 'Dog Rose' we have over here, blooming almost everywhere at the moment. A loveley splash of colour.

Bemused26 said...

Hi Squirrel- I was thinking of you a tiny bit when I put those squirrel photos up! I love the harbour seal pic- we saw one doing the same thing and got nearly exactly the same picture when we were out fishing in Southampton water the other day. (UK) I was so shocked cos I didn't think we had them here!
Nice post :) Thanks for visiting my blog.