Friday, June 5, 2009

Photos of the Day - Field Photos

Today we stayed in most of the day and went out near sunset to listen for frog calls as part of my masters thesis research. On the way to our listening site I happened to see a flash of red, white and black in the shrubbery...which was quite different from anything I had seen before! It turned out to be a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak! The lighting wasn't the best since we were in dense shrubbery and the sun was starting to set, but I did get a few pictures.

When we finally got to the open water of the Heath we are studying the view was gorgeous!
Then, as we sat on a large boulder listening for frogs and toads to start vocalizing I spotted an Otter! I had seen it pop out of the water like a tiny loch ness monster. He was fully aware that we were studying him and he came just close enough to check us out too! Then he went back out to the deeper water and continued to fish. When he finally caught his dinner he came relatively close to us and seemed to show us his catch! It was a fairly sizable fish...about 10 inches long. He finally swam away with his fish and disappeared somewhere on the other side of the lake.


holdingmoments said...

What a beautiful looking bird, and it must have been great watching that Otter so close.

Ratty said...

I would love to see an otter. I've been watching for things like that, but I'm still too close to the city to see very many of them.