Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goldfinchs and Monarchs

This morning there were large flocks of Bobolinks migrating overhead! As someone explained it, they are the "R2D2" birds because that is what they sound like as they pass by, and that is exactly right. Later in the day we saw American Kestrels, a Bald Eagle, some Osprey, Northern Harriers, and many other migrants. Unfortunately I was only able to get two decent photos due to having to attend some training for my job. American Goldfinches were hanging out in the meadows most of the day:

Monarchs are starting to migrate in larger and larger numbers everyday. Here is one that finally sat still long enough for me to focus on it.


holdingmoments said...

Your Goldfinches are very different to ours; but each has its own beauty.

Squirrel said...

wow..I just looked up a photo of your goldfinches and they are quite impressive little birds!